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Description: Cortec M-138 is a VpCI corrosion inhibitor additive for rubber and sealants. It can be used to protect metal parts in contact with or in close proximity to rubber rollers, gaskets, or manufactured parts. M-138 replaces the use of environmentally unfriendly coatings or expensive alloys in addressing the tendency of elastomers to corrode metal parts.
Application: In most cases, a trial run of a particular rubber compound incorporating M-138 is suggested. The powder should be added to the elastomeric material at the compounding stage along with the other additives. The addition of M-138 to the rubber formulation will not typically change the physical properties of the molded rubber.
Package: Cortec M-138 is available in 100 pound (45.5 kg) polyethylene lined drums
Recomended Usage: 1-10%
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