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VCI/VpCI® Vapor Detection Test Kit™, Patent Pending
Description: VCI/VpCIs are compounds which protect against corrosion through the vapor-phase. These active compounds are soluble in water which allows them to be absorbed from the surrounding atmosphere onto the test strip. This
VCI/VpCI Vapor Detection Test Kit is specifically developed for detecting the presence of vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors (VCI/VpCI) emitted from various corrosion inhibiting products: paper, foam, powders, oil- and water- based rust preventative, water-treatment products, etc..

The kit contains enough strips and solution for 50 testings. The shelf life of the solution is 2 years.

Please note: This kit is not appropriate for testing VCI/ VpCI films because of significant pre-conditioning time requirement.
Place test specimen in jar: for paper, line jar with product; for powders and liquids, place 1 g into a weigh dish and place dish in bottom of jar; for foam or emitters, place product in bottom of jar (Figure 1). Dip VCI/VpCI Test Strip into the VCI/VpCI Test Solution, leaving about 1 cm of the strip dry. Using Scotch tape, attach the top of the strip to the inside of the jar lid. Immediately screw the lid on tight and leave test setup sit until color change from blue to pink is observed. To accelerate test, setup may be placed in a 40°C oven. Approximate time frames for test completion under room temperature are listed in Table 1.
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